Ultrafar Monofilament Line

Wacker Bait & Tackle

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This monofilament, nylon line is especially developed for fishing at medium to extreme long range. It is very strong and more than 8 times as abrasion-resistant than the average nylon monofilament fishing line. Note also the diameters of this line. The normal range for 8lb mono is 0.23mm - 0.30mm, Ultrafar is 0.22mm. The difference is even more pronounced in the heavier lines-- for 20lb, the normal range is 0.41mm - 0.46mm, while Ultrafar is only 0.35mm. The low diameters translate into longer casts, less bowing in wind and current and more line on your reel. Because Ultrafar is very twist resistant, it is also the best choice for bait runner type reels.

Dark brown color; available in 300 m or 1/4 lb spools.