n-Butyric Acid Spike

Wacker Bait & Tackle


n-Butyric Acid is an unbelievably vile smelling substance. Despite its unpleasantness it has the ability to smooth out and mellow other flavors, making them much more attractive. It is one of the very best bait additives, but it is difficult to get because it is classed as a hazardous substance and must be shipped with very secure and expensive packaging.  We have gotten around this difficulty by mixing optimal levels of n-Butyric Acid with the Superior Flavorings. If the fish are getting jaded, give the Spiked Flavors a try-- it might be just what you need. Simply add this "spiked" option and a bottle of Superior Flavoring to your shopping cart and we'll make sure the bottle you order is pumped-up!

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