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Delkim Electronic Bite Indicators The introduction of the Delkim in 1992 set new standards for Electronic Bite Indicators. Delkim Plus Bite Alarms push the boundaries of bite detection to new limits. These new breed of alarms offer increased functionality and performance over their previous models, that will undoubtedly put more fish on the bank and in the case of the TX-i range will also keep your valuable tackle more secure with the new anti theft function. In addition each and every Delkim product continues to be MADE IN BRITAIN. The Delkim's unique Patented 100% Vibration Sensing System with absolutely no moving parts is able to indicate proportionally both the speed of line movement and the vibrations from rod tip or terminal tackle.

  • Features include the following:
  • New super bright clear LED's for maximum visual indication day and night, available in four colours.
  • New case design - increased waterproofing.
  • Variable LED modes, fives levels for variable light conditions.
  • New patented Delkim Nitelite mode*
  • Output socket for optional Delkim Nitelite.
  • Improved fine sensitivity adjustment.
  • Improved audible warnings, low battery & additional battery fail warnings.
  • Stainless steel speaker.
  • Multi-function colour coded push button.
  • Push button volume & tone checker.
  • Year long battery life.
  • Made in England.
  • Delkim Nitelite Mode - The twin LEDs and Delkim Nitelite both glimmer continuously for night use, eliminating the need for beta lights, yet still retaining a year plus battery life.

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