Spanish Tiger Nuts (1kg)

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The very highest quality of Spanish tiger nuts. Standard size (approx. 8-11 mm). Processed for human consumption, so they are very clean and free from root hairs found on lesser grades.

Thanks to its efficacy, this flagship product in our catalogue is gaining more and more acceptance as a serious bait. Tiger nuts are suitable to use year-round, although their efficacy tends to improve in warmer weather. The high level of natural glucose in tiger nuts make them “naturally irresistible” to carp. Tiger nuts are considered to be an especially selective bait in lakes and marshes with a high concentration of crayfish.

The baiting of fishing zones with tiger nuts should not be too aggressive. When tiger nuts pass through carp pharynx teeth, they are chopped and slowly digested. Because of this slow digestion, tiger nut remnants take a longer time to pass through the fish and are expelled for a longer amount of time through stool, which is then swallowed by other fish. This action is repeated over and over, which can cause a habitat to quickly become littered with an over-abundance of tiger nut residue.

Preparation of Tiger Nuts for Fishing
Just like most other grains and seeds used as fishing baits, tiger nuts need to be prepared in order to be ready for optimum use:

Rehydrate the tiger nuts by soaking them in water for approximately 36 hours until their outer peels soften. Tiger nuts will soak up a large volume of water, so make sure you begin with a generous amount of water in the container!

Next, pour the softened tiger nuts and remaining water into a cooking pot. Top off with additional water and boil for 45 minutes. While cooking the tiger nuts, add some sugar to boost flavor and increase rate of fermentation.

Once boiled, let the tiger nuts cool in the water. Leaving the nuts in the water is important, as high levels of glucose are released during the cooking process, which aids in rate of fermentation.

When the tiger nuts reach room temperature, place the contents of the pot in an airtight container, letting it settle for 3-5 days. During this time, the liquid in the container will convert into a viscous gel which is pure gold to carp.

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