Shrink Tube

Wacker Bait & Tackle

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Shrink tubing is commonly used to create aligner or "kicker" extensions on the hook. This aids in creating a faster reacting rig and one that often results in the favored bottom of the lip hook hold. Can also be used for securing a hair to the shank of the hook or creating "withy pool" type pop-up rigs.

Apply heat via a heat gun, hair dryer, or steam from a kettle. Material will shrink down by a factor of two or so. 

Pro tip: Hold in desired shape before and during shrinking process. Once shrunk as desired cool in cold water to set shape.

Available in two sizes: 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm (diameter). Choose the 2.0 mm tubing for smaller, finer hooks and hook-link material, and the 2.5 mm tubing for larger hooks and thicker hook-link material.

Each pack contains 4 X 10 cm clear tubes .