PVA Funnel System - Mesh



Fox PVA is the very highest quality and is supplied on a 10m Funnel and Plunger System at a price for which many other tackle companies only offer 7m! It is available on a Wide (35mm), Narrow (25mm) or new Super Narrow (14mm) tube in both fine and heavy mesh to suit varying conditions or bait size and there are a variety of cost effective refill options with both 10m and 25m refill spools available for all sizes.

PVA: Fine or Heavy?
Fine Mesh dissolves quickly - even in cold water - and allows small feed items such as maggots, micro pellets or groundbaits to be used without risk of them falling out. Heavy Mesh has a slower dissolve time and is perfect for warmer or deeper water and is suitable for larger pellets, particles and boilies.

Both Fox PVA meshes have a tough, anti-ladder construction that resists damage and handling.

Learn about PVA with this video:

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