Soluble Hookbait Boilies - 22mm

Trilogy Carp Baits


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Produced in Michigan, these high-attractant soluble boilies are made from quality ingredients. The milk protein base is high in texture which creates a well balanced, nutritional boilie that will catch year-round on any water. 

Breakdown time is approximately 4-6 hours (variation due to water temperature and current). 20-22 boilies per container -- perfect for a quick day session when you don't have a lot of time!

Available in three flavors:

Banana Nut (Yellow)
Who doesn't love the aroma of warm banana nut bread just out of the oven?  Picking-up the sweetness of the banana and walnuts wafting through the air, taking you back to a happy time...well this is it.

Coconut Cream (White)
The creamiest white, all-natural Coconut Cream concentrate infused with secret, magical attractants. This is the sexiest Coconut concentrate we could develop to not only whip the carp into a feeding frenzy, but also make the angler take one sniff and drool with a silly smile on their face.

Pineapple Express (Yellow-Brown Swirl)
Hop on board this Hemp Seed infused soluble boilie train and hang on for the ride. There is just something about hemp and pineapple that get Carp all worked up!

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