Pastemate Hair

Enterprise Tackle


The Pastemate Hair was designed to alleviate the two most common problems associated with paste fishing: 1) missing bites due to the hook point being covered, and 2) the paste coming off during the cast.

The Pastemate hair rig incorporates a ball around which paste is moulded, the same as with our standard Pastemate. The difference lies with the stem, which is clear and much thinner than on the standard Pastemate. The hook is passed through a small disc on the end of the ‘hair’, which is slid around the hook and over the hook eye which it sits against, held in place via a small length of silicone tube cut from the length provided. They are suitable for use with all types of paste, and can be easily removed should a change of bait be required.

Standard size to suit hook sizes 4-12.
10 per pack.

Watch a video to learn how to use pastemate hairs:

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