Obsession V.2 for Carp™

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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Another remarkable product from the laboratories of Wacker Baits. Obsession V.2 is a dark brown, heavy bodied, slightly viscous liquid. To our original Obsession formula we add a bit of heat and funk. When you need a little extra edge, Version 2, with its unique attractants can make a real difference. If you're looking for a product to set your baits apart, look no further - this is it! It has proven itself when nothing else works. Obsession V.2 can be used as a bait soak or as an ingredient in pack baits, groundbaits, chums, or boilies. Add to canned corn - it toughens the kernels, keeps them fresh longer, and really increases the number of bites. Use it at 1-2 oz per pound of bait. No harm in using more if desired. It is an all natural product and cannot be overdone.

*Obsession V.2 for Carp™ has no relationship to either "Obsession for Men" or "Obsession for Women" both of which are registered trademarks of Calvin Klein and no confusion is intended.