Obsession for Carp™

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A unique product from the laboratories of Wacker Baits -- Obsession for Carp™, is an amazing attractant and feeding stimulant. This is a dark brown liquid; not exactly pleasant smelling or tasting, but not all that bad. It does have an outstanding ability to attract carp and to set them off into a feeding frenzy. Obsession for Carp™ can be used as a bait soak or as an ingredient in pack baits, groundbaits, chum, or boilies. Use it at 1-2 oz per pound in groundbait - more if you desire. It is an all natural product and cannot be overdone.

*Obsession for Carp™ has no relationship to either "Obsession for Men" or "Obsession for Women" both of which are registered trademarks of Calvin Klein and no confusion is intended.

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