Micron® MX+



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Exhibiting the classic Micron styling, the new MX+ has a cone speaker for a sharp, crisp sound, a raised 5mm blue front LED, front rotational knobs to allow quick and easy adjustment of tone and volume, and rubber ear inlays to prevent rod slippage.

In addition, there are two-stage sensitivity, power and transmitter outputs, and enhanced electronics to maximize battery life. The MX+ is also fully compatible with the TX-R Micro Transmitter.


  • Blue 5mm LED
  • 2 stage sensitivity
  • Cone speaker for enhanced sound quality
  • Indexed pot tone adjustment knob
  • Indexed pot volume adjustment knob
  • 2 x outputs: 1 x power out, 1 x transmitter out
  • Raw plastic finish (ABS)
  • Hall effect bite sensor
  • Brass threaded stud
  • PA thread cap
  • Hardcase
  • Rubber ear inlays

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