Horizon® Duo Pod (Case Included)



The new 3-rod version of the Horizon® Duo Pod bears little resemblance to the original Horizon® Pod and is now more like a bigger twin rail version of the Fox Stalker Pod.
  • Twin rail design for extra stability
  • Four leg position angles (allowing for rod tips to be pointing towards sky for long range fishing)
  • New Double Cam levers
  • 2 x Karabiner mounting points to tie/weigh down the pod
  • All brass thread fittings (no oxidisation)
  • New rubber ‘bumper’ on ‘head’ moulding to protect your swinger head once it detaches from line and hits pod
  • Standard leg lengths 33cm & 25cm
  • Carry case as standard, incorporating a full length zip and built in storage for additional XL legs; carry case also has snag ear straps so they can be unscrewed off the buzzer bars and stored safely
  • 2-Rod buzzer bars available separately
  • XL Legs (to allow the Euro style ‘tips up’ arrangement)

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