Frank Warwick Immortal Boilies, 10mm

Enterprise Tackle


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To some anglers taking a leap of faith and turning to artificial hook baits is quite a step, especially an unflavored type! With this in mind, Enterprise Tackle set about creating the perfect mimic in appearance, smell, and taste to tick all the right boxes, so to speak. The experienced anglers who saw the prototypes of these everlasting go-anywhere hook baits were amazed that they were not real. They were the perfect food hook baits!

A blend of carefully-chosen flavors, stimulants, and feeding triggers have been used to compel carp to sample them. When a 10mm hook bait is required - unless you go to a great deal of effort and experimentation - you can easily end up having a hook bait that will go soft, lose buoyancy, split, etc. The Immortals are just the opposite! They retain absolute, constant buoyancy, are pest and crayfish proof, and retain their color and attractive properties. They also work well as the top-half of a snowman setup over a more subtle food bait.

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