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Twelve great flavors in a highly-concentrated liquid form (suggested starting dosage - 5ml per 500g):

An all-time favorite of American anglers. This is a concentrated but very mellow version of the classic flavor.

A nice, clean butter flavor. Use by itself or mix with other flavors to mellow them out. An equally-good alternative when fruity or fishy flavors fail to produce.  

A smooth, nutty and creamy flavor from the Caribbean islands, our coconut is equally enticing to carp everywhere. Use on its own or in combination with more assertive flavors.

Fu-Sang Mulberry
In Chinese mythology it is said that there were ten suns, one for each day of the week (they had a longer week than we do now). The goddess Xi was the mother of these suns. At the end of each day, when the sun's journey was ended, she would wash it in the lake and hang it to dry in the giant mulberry tree called Fu-Sang. In modern carp mythology, the finest mulberry flavoring comes from this very tree and it is available only from Wacker Bait & Tackle.

This is a complex, mellow yet strong flavor. Difficult to describe, it is unlike anything you have used before... Nanshe is the Sumarian goddess of fish and fishing and this is her flavor. It is rather strong and maybe a little unpleasant at full strength but very smooth with a hint of fruit at working strength. Nanshe is also the goddess of morals and ethics. So you must never exaggerate the size of fish caught with this flavoring.

Mark II Pineapple
This is, perhaps, the most effective bait flavor for North American carp. Our pineapple is sweet, tangy, and rich making it very effective across a broad range of conditions. A staple in many a serious carp anglers tool kit.

Rich and creamy aroma is pleasing to humans and irresistible to carp.

Another favorite of the North American carp and a classic flavor for good reason. Fresh, sweet, and smooth -our ripe strawberry flavor is hard to beat in the heat. 

Sweet Corn
A popular flavor from the Wacker Laboratories. Corn is always a top bait and this flavor will add the virtues of corn to other baits.

Tiger Nut
Our custom formulation is sweet and spicy just like the real thing. A go-to flavor during the hard winter months, produces when all else fails. Thick, rich emulsion form. 

Bop-A-Lop Tutti-Frutti
Probably the best Tutti-Frutti flavor on the market-- sweet and bright; bursting with a rainbow of fruit flavors. We have been working on this for years and think we have reached perfection. Dab a little behind your ears and add a little to your bait, any bait, and you will catch fish. Little Richard would love the stuff.

Whacked Whiskey
When the fishing gets tough, make yourself an Old-Fashioned -- a little for you, a little for the carp. Whiskey is meant to be shared! Your new carp friends will be singing kumbaya with you in no time.


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