Flavor - Powder (100g)

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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Seven great flavors in powder form. Especially useful for their persistence and slow release.

French Vanilla
A sweet and creamy version of the classic vanilla. 

Nutty and grassy with a hint of sweetness.

Sweet and tangy. Powdered version of our "liquid gold" MKII pineapple.

Buttery, creamy, and mildly sweet. A modern classic.

Strawberry Banana
Bright and sweet upfront, mellowed a bit by the mild tang and smoothness of banana. A unique and very effective flavor.

Tiger Nut
Spicy, nutty, and sweet. A more assertive version of tiger nut.

Bop-A-Lop Tutti Frutti
Bursting with a rainbow of fruit flavor and a hint of spice, our tutti is a "can't go wrong" choice.

Powdered flavors take longer to completely break down in water and dissipate than do liquids. Powders excel in situations when you "set and forget" your presentation, such as fishing overnight sessions, or anytime you plan on soaking your baits for extended periods without re-baiting. A great addition to boilie recipes and doughs!

When using to flavor ground/pack/method or boilie base mixes add to dry ingredients and mix thoroughly before adding your binder or liquids. When flavoring liquids it may be helpful to dissolve powder in a small quantity of warm water first to ensure even distribution.

Recommended starting dosage: 1 tbsp p/lb. Adjust as required.

100g resealable plastic pouch.