Eternal Boilies, Flavored - Sized-Variety

Enterprise Tackle

$5.99 $7.99

Eternal flavored imitation boilies have been designed to give the modern day angler maximum flexibility when creating rigs to fool wary fish. The inclusion of a hole on one side enables weight to be added to create a critically-balanced or sinking bait. Alternatively it can be filled with an absorbent substance, soaked in a concentrated flavor of the angler's choice.

These boilies can also be used effectively as pop-ups on their own or in combination with real boilies to create the popular "Snowman" rig. Their buoyancy remains the same, even after prolonged use and they are resistant to the attention of nuisance species like crayfish.

Available as 8 ready-flavored, sized variety, in a handy mini glug pot.

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