Ring Blow-Out Hair Rig

Wacker Bait & Tackle

SKU: RB358385-2

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The ring blow-out hair rig design has become exceedingly popular in recent years. And for good reason, as it is extremely effective!

Here's the scoop:

The hair is attached to a sliding ring which allows it to move along the hook shank. This is bad news for a carp that has inhaled your offering. When a carp attempts to "blow-out" your rig, the sliding hair moves forward while the hook stays put. Many experienced carpers feel this action results in more hook-ups with the desired bottom of the lip hook-hold. Expect excellent results with corn, tiger nuts, boilies, or most any other bait fished on the bottom.

Our version is hand tied with 30lb test camo braid for a subtle presentation in all water types. The business end is a super sharp, fast reacting, claw-shaped straight point hook. Tie your mainline to the welded ring swivel. If you prefer a quick clip connection snip the swivel off, tie your favorite loop knot in the braid, and secure with the provided anti-tangle sleeve. Includes bait stops too!

Available with hook sizes #2, #4, #6.

1 rig per package.