Compulsion™ (225g)

Wacker Bait & Tackle


A form of Biosource™ that you can add to your own baits!

A great additive for pack baits, ground baits, method mixes or most any other bait. Use 12g Compulsion™ per kg of bait (approx. 1.5 teaspoons per pound). For best results, keep a steady stream of bait going into the water. Something like a golf ball-sized ball every 15 minutes would be good.

Biosource™ is a series of natural biochemical compounds which, when introduced into an aquatic environment, induce an involuntary feeding response among a wide variety of fish species. Species stimulated to feed by the Biosource™ additive include, but are not limited to: carp (all strains), catfish (all strains), bass, buffalo, shiners, suckers, sunfish, and trout (US tests); as well as barbel, bream, carp, F1 hybrids, perch, roach, and tench (UK tests).

During initial field trials, the incorporation of Biosource™ treated baits within our testers' fishing strategies resulted in some truly spectacular results. Simply stated, testers employing BBiosource™ impregnated baits out-fished neighboring anglers at a rate of up to 3:1 during competition! Thus, the BBiosource™ feeding stimulant represents a clear leap forward, in terms of bait preparation, with respect to consistently achieving every angler's goal of catching greater numbers of fish.

Biosource™ treated products are now available in the U.S. exclusively through Wacker Baits and detailed product information and testimonials may be viewed at the Biosource Baits Website (

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