Catapult Replacement Elastic (p/ft.)

Wacker Bait & Tackle


Top quality natural amber latex rubber tubing. Great replacement elastics for almost any catapult. Natural latex is very elastic, will stretch to at least 6-9 times it original size. This means that almost any size elastic can be stretched to fit almost any catapult if you are willing to work at it. But to make it a little easier, we offer two different inside diameters, 1/8" and 5/32". The smaller might be best for the Fox catapults and the larger for catapults with thicker attachment posts. If the fit is a little too loose, a cable tie will help hold the elastic in place. Power Levels are are given in pounds of force to pull the catapult pouch back all the way (to stretch two tubes 200%).

We offer two Power Levels in two inside diameters:
Level 1: 1/8" (id) x 1/16" (wall thickness) 11 lbs 
Level 2: 5/32" (id) x 1/16" (wall thickness) 13 lbs   



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