Elements Camo-Core Coated Hook Link


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The ACE Camo-Core Coated Hooklink is the ideal hook link material for making combi-link rigs when stripped, or for making semi-rigid rigs when used straight from the spool. It is a fast-sinking, coated braid that offers extremely high abrasion resistance with the coating in place. And the coating can be stripped back easily with your fingernails or by using a stripping tool. Knot strength is extremely high, plus this coated braid can be knotted securely without damaging the outer coating. The multi-color core breaks up the hook link’s profile to aid camouflage.

Three options available:

  • Color:  Weed -15lb / 20m
  • Color:  Weed - 25lb / 20m
  • Color:  Silt - 25lb / 20m

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