Buckeye Blend™ + Biosource™

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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Here we take an already superb product and make it even better by adding a bit of Biosource™ bait enhancer to the composition.

Buckeye Blend
The bulk ingredients in this formula include a high protein base, amino acid components, sweeteners, and other proven attractants. To prepare the bait, mix the entire contents of the bag with one can (14.75 oz) of cream-style corn. If needed, add water a little at a time, until you reach your desired consistency. You may also add flavoring. Try WB&T liquid (1 tsp/lb) or powdered flavoring (1 tbsp/lb) - adjust as desired. Alternatively, you may add 1/4 cup of Superior Flavoring or other of your choice. Add a handful of prepared hempseed, sweet corn, or other particles if you wish. Mold the moistened bait around your sinker/feeder or around your hookbait. It casts well and breaks down after about 3 minutes in the water. You may also shoot out golf ball sized lumps with a catapult

Biosource™ is a series of natural biochemical compounds which, when introduced into an aquatic environment, induce an involuntary feeding response among a wide variety of fish species. Species stimulated to feed by Biosource™ are buffalo, shiners, suckers, sunfish, and trout (US tests); as well as barbel, bream, carp, F1 hybrids, perch, roach, and tench (UK tests). 

During initial field trials, the incorporation of Biosource™ treated baits within our testers' fishing strategies resulted in some truly spectacular results. Simply stated, testers employing Biosource™ impregnated baits out fished neighboring anglers at a rate of up to 3:1 during competition! Thus, the Biosource™ feeding stimulant represents a clear leap forward, in terms of bait preparation, with respect to consistently achieving every angler's goal of catching greater numbers of fish. 


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