Arma Point SR Barbed Hooks



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The Arma Point range of hooks requires little introduction such is their widespread popularity. It is perhaps fair to say that the Arma Points have a reputation for being strong, sharp, durable, and reliable hooks, which has made them the number one choice of the very best carp anglers in the world! The strength and sharpness is due to the special tempering process that Fox uses, which also hardens them, meaning they will last much longer. Hooks have a non-reflective coating that assists their underwater camouflage properties and also prevents rusting.

The SR (Stiff Rig) version of the Arma Point hook is particularly suited to stiff hooklink materials. Ideal for the angler who likes to fish with a pop-up presentation, this hook is ideal for Chod rigs, Hinged Stiff Links, and Multi-Rig setups. The SR hook has a short shank and a wide gape, ensuring that when a carp sucks this hook in it won’t be able to spit it out again. The beaked point of this hook is another feature that ensures that the carp will retain this hook.

Packaged in a durable, hard case; 10 hooks per case.

*This product has been discontinued by Fox, so once they're gone, they're gone for good!


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