Aquamax Fish Chow

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The "old reliable" ingredient for packbaits. Widely used with great success at paylakes everywhere, yet equally effective on wild waters.

Also an excellent addition to method mix/groundbait recipes or for use with PVA bag/mesh systems.

Two sizes available: #3 small (bb size) and #5 medium (3/16"). The #3 will sink, the #5 floats unless they are first saturated with water.

Recipe: Aquamax #3 Packbaits
Use 3 lbs. of chow mixed with 1 can of cream corn. Put ingredients in a ziplock bag and mix well. Let it set for a few hours before use. Packs nicely. If you wish to add additional flavors, add them to the cream corn before you combine the ingredients.

Recipe: Aquamax #5 Packbaits
Put 6 lb. of chow into a 5-gallon bucket. Blend 3 cans of cream corn and your favorite flavor until well liquefied. Pour this mixture over the Aquamax in your bucket and mix until the Aquamax is evenly wet. Now the important part-- remix this by hand every fifteen minutes for about an hour to a hour and a half. Let it sit in the bucket, covered, overnight. The next morning the Aquamax will have soaked up the liquid and it will look dry, but it will be soft and moist (but not wet).

Post-Production Instructions
When you begin fishing, grab a handful of the prepared chow and pack around your hookbait. Pack it very tightly, squeezing out all of the air. It will sink to the bottom and break down in about 2 minutes. As it breaks down, about 1/4 of the little pieces of chow will slowly rise to the surface and the rest will remain in a pile around your hook bait.


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