Sweet Corn Pips (2oz)

Wacker Bait & Tackle


Years ago, we were able to import an incredible corn bait from South Africa - sweet corn kernels (pips) that had been plucked from the cob, not cut like all other canned and frozen corns. The corn was intensely colored, highly flavored, firm enough to stay on the hook and to resist nuisance fish, and had a long shelf life even after the container was opened.

This corn was immensely popular and many anglers were very disappointed when it disappeared from the market.

After years of searching and research, WB&T has developed a product with all the characteristics of the South African product. It may seem a little expensive and, in comparison to canned corn, it is. But it is worth every penny. Because it is so firm, it will not fly off the hook or hair on a hard cast and it will not be nibbled away by pan fish or gobies.

It is made from shoe peg corn, a rare variety and the acknowledged King of the Corn Baits. The flavors are the well established and proven Wacker brands, known to catch fish everywhere. Ten varieties are currently available.

Latest word from the St. Lawrence about Scopex Pips: "Holy cow, that stuff is unbelievable!!"

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