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If you use braid, you have probably tried cutting it with an assortment of nippers, clippers, scissors, snips, shears, snippers and trimmers. And you have probably been frustrated with all of them. Here is a cutter that actually works. This remarkably shaped line cutter was developed specifically for cutting braided lines. It is sharp enough to trim the frayed ends of a braided line or leader. We have it on good word that it remains sharp even after spending the winter in the grass under a blanket of snow and ice. Excellent new product!

B.C., Phoenix, AZ:
"I received the [Wacker Baits] Braid Cutter yesterday - thank you. Of course I couldn't wait to try them out. I took out a supply of braid and tried to cut the floppy end hanging loosely in the air. "Click", and the line was severed beautifully! My other two nippers would have failed the test badly. So, the product delivers as advertised. I had some rigs to make and ended-up making several more because of the ease to cut tag ends close to knots without the need to tension the associated pieces/parts."

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