Raw Tiger Nuts (1kg/2.2lbs)

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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Very nice raw tiger nuts perfect for preparing as hookbaits, for inclusion in PVA stick mixes, method mixes, or for spodding/spombing/baiting. Once prepared they range from pea to marble size making them ideal for a variety of presentations.

Carp find tiger nuts very appealing due to their intense sweet, nutty, spicy flavor. High levels of glucose are released when cooking tiger nuts which makes them “naturally irresistible” to carp. 

They are suitable for fishing year round. Many anglers report excellent results in the colder months when fishing tiger nuts. However, they are especially useful in the warmer months when nuisance species can take a toll on softer baits. Fish them year round with confidence.

Origin: Spain

Preparation of Tiger Nuts for Fishing
Just like most other grains and seeds used as fishing baits, tiger nuts need to be prepared in order to be ready for optimum use. This is easy to do!

Rehydrate the tiger nuts by soaking them in water for approximately 12 - 24 hours or longer. Next, pour the tiger nuts into a cooking pot. Top off with additional water if necessary. Boil or pressure cook for 45 - 90 minutes. You may add some sugar or flavoring. If you would like to make "shelf life" tiger nuts you can do so by adding WB&T 10 Sesh natural bait preservative. Cook until a baiting needle can pierce through a tiger nut without too much effort.

Once boiled, let the tiger nuts cool in the water. Some like to "rest" their tiger nuts for 3-5 days allowing them to ferment. Put the finished product in an airtight container. They are ready to fish!