Prepared Tiger Nuts

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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Our prepared tiger nuts make perfect hookbaits. Easily pierced by a baiting needle, hair-rigging them is a breeze. They range from pea to marble size making them ideal for a variety of presentations.

Tiger nuts are suitable for fishing year round. Many anglers report excellent results in the colder months when fishing them, however they are especially useful in the warmer months when nuisance species can take a toll on softer baits. Fish them year round with confidence!

Customer Comments:

"They are spot on!"

A Fera, NY


Natural - Carp find tiger nuts very appealing due to their intense sweet, nutty, spicy flavor. High levels of glucose are released when tiger nuts are cooked, which makes them “naturally irresistible” to carp.

Vanilla - A classic carp catching flavor for a reason! The smooth, creamy, subtle sweetness of vanilla combined with the natural attributes of the tiger nut is a winning combination. 

Our tiger nuts are "shelf life" and will last a good long time if kept at moderate temperature out of direct sunlight.

Made in house!