JPz Hook Pellets - 8mm (50g)


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The revolutionary JPz baits are the result of 19 years of research by a team of Marukyu scientists. Beginning as a mere vision, the team labored through painstaking research and development until they were satisfied with the science behind the bait. Working beside local Pro Staff, trial tests were conducted to prove that the JPz product would be perfect in real fishing situations.

The Science
JPz have been formulated to ensure that the bait’s proteins and their associated amino acids work together to maximize the effects of attracting fish, stimulating their feeding behavior, and bringing them back for more. The bait’s sophisticated recipe is designed to release key feeding triggers, making it incredibly effective as a bait. In part, this relies on a special form of polysaccharide science. As with all Marukyu’s baits, JPz are made from high quality ingredients that are free from manufactured chemicals and any other ingredients that are harmful to fish or the aquatic environment.

Versatile Hookbaits
JPz are one of the most versatile hookbaits on the market today. They can be side-hooked, hair-rigged, spiked or banded. No matter how you fish them, the results are always outstanding. 

So What Is a JPz?
It’s a ‘pellet’ that looks and feels like jelly, but with totally different characteristics:

  • No grain composition means JPz will not split when hooked, making them easier to use
  • Can be hair-rigged, side-hooked, banded or spiked
  • Soft texture does not impede the hook when striking
  • Does not fall off on the cast because of built-in durability
  • Controlled attractant release
  • Multi-ingredient formula means they are nutrient-rich
  • All temperature features ensure maximum effectiveness in warm and cold water conditions
  • Can be cut to suit hook sizes without affecting performance

Nori (Green):
An exclusive seaweed and algae formula containing nutrients and amino acids. 

Ebi (Red): 
A naturally salty, pink formulation comprised of microscopic crustaceans that are part of the traditional carp diet.

A unique flavour, smelling slightly savoury to the human nose. Firmer than Ebi and Nori, the Black variety is made to withstand longer casts without compromising its effectiveness, making it a good year-round bait.