Heavy-Duty Deluxe Sausage Gun

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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A premium quality sausage gun that makes extruding boilie paste/dough a pleasure. Heavy-duty construction to handle regular use and normal to stiff mixes. It features an oversized all metal handle assembly and 18:1 mechanical advantage to make extended rolling sessions much easier on the hand and wrist. The large capacity (20 oz) aluminum tube is very durable, yet lightweight. This gun will allow you to load more paste/dough, extrude it faster, with less effort and fatigue then the standard gun.

Includes: Gun, nozzle holder, 7 pre-cut nozzles with spare to custom cut, and one un-cut nozzle.

Tip: All nozzles can be trimmed with a razor as needed. Some pastes/doughs expand more than others after being extruded, necessitating some adjustment if one desires perfectly round boilies. Start by matching your nozzle diameter to your rolling table and give it a try. If your boilies are turning out more elliptical than spherical try a slightly smaller nozzle. If you are producing dumbbells try a larger nozzle until your boilies are as round as you desire.

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