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Wacker Bait & Tackle

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Quality PVA bags at a great price! 

Our bags are textured for easier opening and handling. Fill with any dry bait, drop in your hook and sinker, tie shut with PVA string (or cut a thin strip off the top of the bag and tie shut with that), and cast out. The bag will quickly dissolve leaving a pile of bait around your hook.

Wet baits may be used if first coated in a PVA friendly liquid or oil, such as hemp or fish oil.

The 4" x 6" size is large enough to accomodate all popular hook and lead combinations plus a generous payload of bait. If you require a smaller bag, simply trim down to desired size with scissors. If you are one who likes their PVA bags as tidy as possible, you will appreciate the ease in which our bags "self glue" with the application of a little moisture. Lick it and stick it for neat corners and seams.

Comes with illustrated instructions and usage suggestions.

Available by the dozen or bulk 300 pack.