Pop-Up Corn

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Our new floating plastic corn is an unbelievable carp catcher!

It's a bit larger than a typical sweet corn kernel. Think maize or feed corn. It is molded from a firm and durable unscented soft plastic. The color is a pleasing semi-translucent yellow. Effective hair-rigged on its own, or in combination with real corn, tiger nuts, or boilies.

For a subtle presentation try hair-rigging one kernel length-wise. Most hooks will lie flat on the bottom while the corn will pop-up just the length of your hair; floating just above your bait. For a true pop-up presentation, hair rig two kernels back to back. Most hooks suitable for pop-up fishing will be completely elevated, enabling you to fish over bottom detritus or weed. Simply attach a split-shot and/or weighted putty to control the height of your presentation. One kernel added to a bottom boilie or tiger nut will serve to "lighten" the bait so it will almost fly into a feeding carp's mouth as it roots over your bait.

A must have in any serious carp anglers kit!

10 per package.

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