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We are excited to introduce the latest technology from Biosource Baits: Impulse - Amino Acid Feeding Stimulant. Impulse is the result of years of study, research, testing, and refinement by a Ph.D chemist and obsessed carp and match angler. 

What Is Impulse?
It is a ready to use liquid amino acid feeding stimulant which you can add to your baits. Impulse will keep carp (and other species) searching for your bait and induce an involuntary feeding response once they find it. It is a brownish, tea-like serum with a faint yeasty aroma. 

How Does Impulse Work?
Carp are able to detect amino acids in their environment. Certain amino acids signal food to carp. Impulse is an ideal combination and concentration of amino acids to maximize the food signal and stimulatory effect from your baits treated with it.

How Do I Use Impulse?
Proper dosing is imperative to achieve maximum effect. Biosource Baits provides detailed dosing instructions for many popular carp fishing baits. Suggestions are offered below. Impulse is packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with a dosing chamber:

  1. Remove the cap from above the smaller dosing chamber. Be sure that the cap atop the narrow neck section of the bottle remains tightly secure.
  2. Slowly squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing chamber to the 1⁄2 oz (15 mL) line.
  3. Dispense the required number of 1⁄2 oz (15 mL) doses of Impulse to your bait of choice.


Popular Applications

Add 2 x (1/2 oz/15 mL) doses of Impulse to a standard (16 oz) can of corn, or use 1 x (1/2 oz/15mL) of Impulse with a small (9 oz) can or corn. Refrigerate overnight for next day use.
Tips: Add a similar volume of concentrated flavor to the corn for added attraction. Feed ‘little and often’ when fishing. See The Challenge section of the Impulse website for more details on this method.

Groundbait (Chum)
Add 2 x (1/2 oz/15 mL) doses of Impulse to each kg (~2.2 lb.) of groundbait for still water use.
Increase to 4 x (1/2 oz/15 mL) doses per kg for flowing water applications.
Tips: Use an atomizer or other sprayer to evenly distribute the Impulse throughout your finished groundbait. Most atomizers dispense ~1 mL per "squirt," but this should be confirmed before use.

Feed Pellets and Boilies
Use an atomizer or other sprayer to lightly coat feed (hard) pellets or boilies with Impulse at a rate of (1 oz/30 mL) per kg of bait.
Tips: Once sprayed, feed pellets can be dried and stored for later use. Dedicated hook baits (boilies, maize etc.) can also be soaked in a glug comprising up to 50% Impulse by volume.

Bait Soak
A diluted solution of Impulse can be used as either a bait soak for expander pellets or as a direct wetting agent for dry groundbait. Dilute Impulse by a factor of x8 with water. Use this solution to soak expander pellets or to directly wet groundbait from dry.

Volume of
Impulse Used
Volume of
Water Added
Final Volume
of Soak
1 oz/30 mL (2 doses) 220 mL 250 mL
2 oz/60 mL (4 doses) 440 mL 500 mL
4 oz/120 mL 98 doses) 880 mL 1000 mL (1.0 L)

Note: Less porous ‘hard’ particles (e.g. hemp, tigers, maize) may also be prepared, and then left to soak in, the liquid described above.

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