Buckeye Base Mix

Wacker Bait & Tackle


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Roll your own highly effective boilies with Buckeye Base Mix - the latest addition to our acclaimed Buckeye product line. 

We've been testing, tweaking, and perfecting Buckeye Base Mix for the past three years and are confident that you will find it not only easy and enjoyable to work with, but will have many successful outings with boilies made from it - especially when paired with Buckeye Blend Method Mix.

Building on the success of our Buckeye Blend Method Mix and our Preferred 24™ Base Mix, our Buckeye Base Mix combines the best attributes of both products. Just like its inspiration - Buckeye Blend - expect Buckeye boilies to catch wherever they are cast. Yet, this mix retains the easy mixing, rolling, and customization qualities of P24 Base Mix.

When prepared to our specifications Buckeye Base Mix produces a boilie that skins nicely, is firm but not rock hard, and has a slightly grainy internal structure. Though they have plenty of built in attraction and catch very well as naturals, Buckeye Base Mix accepts flavoring and dye very well if you prefer to customize your baits.

One pound of mix plus a cup of liquid (water, additives + flavor if desired) makes the equivalent of a "4 egg batch". No eggs needed - we've already added them for you. Contains our 10 Sesh™ natural preservative and makes shelf life boilies that keep without refrigeration.