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Solid PVA Bags are undoubtedly superb for encapsulating the entire terminal tackle with dry feed such as pellet and crushed boilies.

These high-quality, solid PVA Bags are immensely popular as they combine strength with the ability to ‘lick and stick’ the corners to make the finished PVA parcels more aerodynamic for casting. They are pH neutral and offer high melt rates across the temperature range making them ideal for year round use.

  • The Mini size is the top choice bag for petit and subtle PVA parcels, for ‘in the edge’ angling and whacking out at range. Length= 105mm, Width= 60mm.
  • The Standard size is a superb general use size ‘solid’ bag; perfect for the majority of angling situations where a solid bag would be beneficial such as bags of pellet or fishing in thick weed. Length= 130mm, Width= 80mm.
  • The Magnum bag allows anglers to concentrate the maximum volume of free bait tight to the hookbait. Length= 138mm, Width= 110mm.

10 bags per package.

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