Remote Receivers & Transmitters
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Alarm Receiver, Delkim Rx Pro Vibro Mini

Was 208.95.
  • FM RADIO RECEIVER - receives all data from the transmitter (Tx-i Plus or Tx Plus)
  • VIBRO ALERT with power compensation – can be switched off if required
  • HIGH VOLUME - adjustable from zero to over 100dB with tone adjusted from the Delkim Bite Alarm
  • UP TO 6000 HOURS CONTINUOUS USE with vibro on using a Duracell MN1604 battery (subject to local radio conditions)
  • DUAL RANGE SETTINGS - Distant (D) up to 200 metres plus and Local (L) up to 50 metres (subject to bankside obstructions and atmospheric conditions)
  • PATENTED LOCAL (L) SETTING - maximizes battery life in the face of radio interference
  • 6 CLEAR HIGH VISIBILITY LEDs - Purple, Red, White, Blue, Green & Yellow
  • ANTI-THEFT ALARM - audible and visual warning of Tx-i Plus switch off
  • FUNCTION MEMORY - remembers vibro and anti-theft alarm settings
  • EXTERNALLY OPERATED PROGRAMMING BUTTON - for easy customer programming, takes up to 24 transmitters with no restrictions on colour combination of bite alarms
  • MULTI-CHANNEL programming - up to 4 transmitters per LED colour
  • VISUAL DIFFERENTIATION when same colour LED activated
  • RADIO ACTIVITY MONITOR - with audible and visual warning, advises of any serious radio interference
  • CONTINUOUS BATTERY CONDITION MONITORING WITH AUDIBLE & VISUAL WARNINGS - informs user of low battery and battery fail in both receiver and bite alarms
  • EXTERNAL COIL AERIAL - in tough sealed tube
  • CLEAR COVER - allows switching and visual & audible monitoring without removal for maximum protection
  • TWO CLIP ATTACHMENTS - for pocket, belt or rod rest, plus additional self adhesive Velcro strip

    No additional discounts are available on Delkim products.

  • FLDBP-04
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    Alarm, Flajzar Receiver/Transmitter

    Now Available for HALF PRICE!
    The new universal remote device. Miniature transmitter and pocket receiver.
    The new universal wireless remote device includes a miniature transmitter and a pocket receiver. The transmitter can be connected to up to three electronic bite indicators of any manufacturer! Maximum compatibility and reliability. The range is a few hundreds meters under perfect conditions with sufficient reserve for difficult terrain. A run is indicated by the visual LED and by sound. Both the transmitter and the pocket receiver are equipped with a weak battery indicator.

    Used and endorsed by Carp Fishing Legend and Oklahoma's Finest, Charles "Baitboat Charlie" Lowrey.

    - 2 YEAR WARRANTY !! We will repair or replace any alarm found to be defective. Abuse or modification of the alarm will void the warrenty. 

    Batteries not included.

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    Alarm Transmitter, Delkim Tx Micro

    Converts a standard Delkim Bite Alarm into a full function wireless alarm!

    Features include the following:

  • Sealed Plug in unit with FM Radio Transmitter - No battery required, plugs into audio output of Delkim Plus.
  • External coil aerial - in tough sealed tube.
  • All the transmit functions of the Tx-i Plus - except anti theft alarm.
  • Nitelite output socket - for optional Delkim Nitelite.
  • Stainless steel long bolt for fitting.
  • No additional discounts are available on Delkim products.


    XB1 Extension Box

    This new extension box is designed to fit the full range of Micron bite alarms. The XB1 has one red latching LED that can be triggered by a signal from up to four alarms. With the same specification ceramic speaker and volume control the XB1 can be set to make sure that you never miss a run without disturbing other anglers

    Micron Extension Lead- 3 Way

    Designed for the full Micron range of bite alarms, with the exception of the M. Available in a single and three way format these 10m leads attach the XB1 and XB4 extension boxes to the output socket on the micron and are compatible with some non fox electronic bite indicators on the market

    Micron M Extension Leads

    Identical to the standard Micron extension leads but designed for anglers who want to use the XB1 or XB4 in conjunction with the Micron M. Three way.



    Micron TXR Remote Leads (3 leads)

    Connect the TXR Remote System Transmitter to your Alarms.

    Use the 2.5mm leads with most alarms including Fox with 2.5mm sockets. Use the 3.5mm for Delkims with a 3.5mm output socket.

    Both sets include leads to connect 3 alarms.


    XB Extension Leads Single


    Battery N Size (pair)

    Energizer batteries for M-series Micron buzzers, Flajzar alarms and others.