In Store Specials

These are items that are availble for pick-up only from the store. No shipping is available.



Top-of-the-line baitboat. BIG!!
  • Fully welded laser-cut aluminum (no plastic or fiberglass).
  • Virtually indestructible.
  • Can turn on a dime!
  • Completely water-tight and submersible.
  • Tough oven-baked powder coating.
  • Carries 5 kg (11 lbs) above the water level in two selectable instant-drop bait compartments.
  • Hinged bait compartment covers protect bait from birds, rain, snow, waves, etc.
  • Fixed center rail handle Mag-Light holder.
  • Weed guards and prop thrust tubes reduce water disturbance.
  • Rubber keel strips to protect and stop wear on the bottom of the hulls.
  • Large non-glare navigation lights (red and green) also serve as power on indicators.
  • Quick change sealed battery compartments.
  • Large, heavy duty, constant use, low noise, slow revving motors.
  • Ball raced, water tight prop shafts.
  • Large two blade, high pitch 52.5 mm diameter power props.
  • Cruise control and power settings maximize battery life.
  • Variable cruise settings allow 2 hours + continuous use
  • Over 600 m (650 yd) range (out of sight).
  • Weight = 9.8 kg (21.5 lb) with two 6v 7aH batteries.
  • 11" x 21" x 31" (HxWxL) .
  • Top quality Futaba 6EX six channel radio.