Rod Pods

Rod Holder Stand , American Premier w/ Alarms

An innovative rod stand suitable for a wide variety of fishing styles, can be used with either bait casting or spinning rods & reels.

  • Comes complete with 2 (APDNRH2) or 4 (APDNRH4) pressure bite alarms.
  • Three independently adjustable legs with ribbed rubber feet. Adjusts to uneven ground and rod tips can be lowered or elevated as conditions dictate.
  • Included spikes allow you to stake the stand down for ultimate stability.
  • Hand crank raises and lowers center post that can hold user supplied flashlight or camera.
  • Two compartment bait box provides convenient storeage.
  • Flashing blue LEDs on the tips of the arms provide night time visablity.
  • Bottom hook allows you to add extra weight to the stand if the conditions warrent it.
  • Comes complete with carring case.



Case, Fox Stalker A-Pod

Case specifically designed for the A-Pod. Will hold the pod complete with buzz bars fitted with bite alarms. Fully padded with Velcro straps to secure the pod.

Case, Fox Horizon Pod


A case designed specifically to store and protect the Horizon Pod. Fully padded with Velcro straps to hold the pod in place.

Also fits the Fox Stalker Pod.

Weight: lbs

Case, Fox Eclipse Pod

A strudy case for both the 3-rod and 4-rod Eclipse Rod Pods.

  • Fits Eclipse Pods and buzz bars with alarms attached.
  • Fully padded for safe transport and storage.
  • EVA handle on carry strap for added comfort.
  • 1200 denier material and extra strong zippers.


Weight: lbs

Pod, Fox Quatro II

The Quattro 2 is the next generation of rod pod design, utilising a number of new, practical features to make it more user-friendly than ever before. These changes are the result of comments from our team of carp consultants, in-house CAD-engineers and you, the angler on the bank. In our opinion, the Quattro 2 raises the standards of rod pod design further than ever before.
Weight: lbs

Rod Pod, Fox Ranger 3-Rod, 4-Rod

BRAND NEW FROM FOX. The ultimate rod pod.

Designed for big waters, the new Ranger is the ultimate in pod technology and utilises ideas from some of the world’s best anglers. As you can see, the Ranger can be used in a plethora of positions to cope with the most uneven bankside terrain. Its chunky dual frame design, durable fittings and numerous leg length options make it the pod of choice for anglers who like to target extreme venues.

Click on this link to see a video describing the features of the pod.  http://www.foxint.com/video_viewer.php?filenumber=20 

Weight: lbs

Rod Pod, Fox Eclipse 3- Rod

Eclipse Pod      
As you can see from the pictures, the Eclipse is one of the most versatile and easily-adjusted pods available, suited to all styles of carp fishing – either on large lakes & rivers or smaller carp waters. The Eclipse is based around a central tripod system which allows the pod to be positioned pointing up or down in a matter of seconds. A central Quick Release lever allows these adjustments to be made with ease. Like all Fox pods, it’s ultra stable too with quick-release fittings to make it extremely user-friendly.

Length from 92cm to 160cm
Height from 40cm to 65cm (above the legs)
Width from 60cm to 95cm (above the legs)

Weight: CPR018: 3.2kg(Approx),

TRIPOD LEG SYSTEM - The Eclipse's Tripod Leg System creates a stable and fully adjustable base. All three legs features Fox's fully adjustable Cam-Lok fittings.

CENTRAL LEVER - The Eclipse can be positioned pointing up or down in a matter of seconds thanks to its central lever. There is also a spirit bubble to guarantee level assembly.

ADJUSTABLE MAIN BAR - The central main bar is fully adjustable to suit all carp anglers. It can be adjusted from 92cm to a massive 160cm.

Weight: lbs

Pod, Fox Stalker Plus w/ Case 2-3 Rod

Stalker Plus Pod      
The new Stalker Pod Plus is a revamped version of the original Stalker, with reinforced joints and moulding the pod is incredibly robust. The body and legs are adjustable making it a very versatile pod and now it comes with BOTH both two and three rod buzz bars and a sturdy case. Its profiled aluminium body and buzz bars increases its stability and makes for a very lightweight pod.

69cm to 106cm
23cm (Lowest Setting)
42.5cm (Highest Setting)


Pod, Fox A Pod Kit

The A Pod Plus is supplied with a pair of moulded 3 rod buzz bars and has a variable length measuring 69cm to 106cm and a flexible height adjustment of 26cm to 41cm. The pod is completed with a tidy carry case.

Pod, Fox Black Label

25% OFF!
If ever a piece of fishing tackle could be described as a work of art then it would have to be the eye-catching Black Label Rod Pod. Created from solid aluminium with a geared leg mechanism; the principle of the pod is very similar to that of the Quattro II pod, however this version is much lighter and more compact. In addition the pod is designed to work with the Black Label Bansticks (which in turn work with the Black Label Buzz Bar range and Conversion Kit) meaning that once you own four banksticks and two buzz bars you simply need to purchase the frame of the pod and a conversion kit to create a complete rod pod system. This not only saves you money but also space as you will not need to carry around a set of banksticks and buzz bars plus a whole rod pod setup too!

Pod, Fox Horizon Dual 3-Rod w/ Case

The new Horizon Duo Pod bears little resemblance to the original Horizon Pod and is now more like a bigger twin rail version of our Stalker Pod.

• Twin rail design for extra stability
• Four leg position angles (allowing for rod tips to be pointing towards sky for long range fishing)
• New Double Cam levers
• 2 x Karabiner mounting points to tie/weigh down the pod
• All brass thread fittings (no oxidisation)
• New rubber ‘bumper’ on ‘head’ moulding to protect your swinger head once it detaches from line and hits pod
• Standard leg lengths 33cm & 25cm
• 3-rod and 4-rod versions available
• Carry case as standard - Incorporating; A full length zip + built in storage for additional XL legs. Carry case also has snag ear straps so they can be unscrewed off the buzzer bars and stored safely

• 2-Rod buzzer bars available separately
• XL Legs (to allow the Euro style ‘tips up’ arrangement)

Weight: lbs

Sky Pod with Case

The Fox Sky Pod has taken rod pod design into another dimension. Specifically designed for those large Continental rivers and lakes, the Sky Pod is so flexible that it is still at home on the banks of a traditional English carp lake. Available in either a 3 or 4 rod set up, the Sky Pod can be adjusted from a horizontal plane to literally pointing skywards allowing you to get over any snags often found on big European waters. The centre body can be adjusted in length to give greater stability when used at an acute angle. Undoubtedly this is one of the most stable set-ups around making it an essential piece of kit when fishing at long range on huge Continental lakes and powerful wide rivers. With the rod tips positioned high an enormous amount of pressure is transferred to the pod itself, but even in windy conditions and fishing against a powerful current with big leads, the Sky Pod will be rock solid. The uniquely shaped aluminum body on which the Sky Pod has been built guarantees a wobble free set-up. It also ensures perfect alignment of Microns and Butt Caps. For all this stability you would expect the Sky Pod to be heavy but with this very unique design weight has been kept to a minimum to allow for light, easy transportation.

Rotate the thumb turn to adjust the pitch of the buzz bars on the Sky Pod .

The length of the body can be adjusted by opening the Cam-Loks, to suit rod lengths and increase stability when used in Sky Pod mode.

The rear buzz bar can be moved along the body to give greater height and to suit rod lengths.


Pod Anchors/Feet, Fox x4

Provides the ultimate in stability for your Sky Pod or Eclipse Pod. Set of four feet that clip onto the legs and can be pegged to the ground with tent pegs.

Pod, Fox Ranger MK2 3-Rod

The immensely popular, original Fox Ranger rod pod has been in their range for many years such has been the level of popularity. Over the past 12 months Fox have been working on a new, updated MK2 version of the Ranger and are now ready to share this with the world...

The MK2 is available in both a 3-rod and 4-rod version and benefits from many of the great features of the original Ranger but with the added benefit of a number of improvements that help to make this possibly the most versatile rod pod ever released!

• New improved leg locking mechanism – Not required to fully unscrew the legs to change angle (only 2.5 rotations needed)
• Stronger legs used so less flex
• Legs now have 6 angle positions (previously only 3)
• Longer legs as standard - 40cm, 45cm & 120cm