Shot, Sinkers

Shot, Anchor Double Cut Lead Refill Pots

Refill pots in seven different sizes on Anchor Double-cut lead shot.
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Shot, Anchor Quickshot

We are very excited about our new innovative product that will make angling easier and more accessible to those who have never tried using micro shot before. Putting micro shot on to the line has always been fiddly, difficult and a precarious operation, particularly for those with big hands or poor eye sight. Also anglers run the risk of poisoning themselves by placing lead shot in their mouths prior to fixing and biting the shot on to the line.

To overcome all of these problems we have developed a low cost applicator, which will assist in putting shot on to the line safely and quickly.

The applicator works by simply giving it a shake to allow a shot to fall down a hole onto a rotational knife edge. As the base is rotated, it clicks as it goes round jumping the shot inside up and down. As the shot bounces it turns and orientates its self open side down and is presented to the pick-up peg. By pressing the peg down the shot is picked up. Simply remove the peg and squeeze the shot on to the line.

The whole operation takes but a few seconds, safe for the angler, the environment and you don’t need hands of a surgeon or eyes of a hawk.

The shot we use is accurately graded 100% soft lead and cut centrally to give good presentation. It is also coated in order to prevent oxidation, lead poisoning and reduce visibility

This shot is the best in the world today!

Available in 3 sizes:
ANCQU6  No.6  0.1g
ANCQU8  No.8  0.06g
ANCQU10  No.10  0.04g


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Shot, Dinsmore

Cushioned tin. Easy open - easy close.
Handy dispenser of weight forward Egg Shot. Available in 7 sizes or multi-size dispenser.