Tackle Boxes, Rod cases, Rig Boards

Hook Link Dispenser Spool

Keep your hook links and specialty lines organized with these dispenser spools. Pull out exactly as much as you need and cut it off with the built in cutter.

Tackle Box, Wacker Small Compartment

Wacker Small Tackle Boxes are idela for storage of small end tackle such as anti-tangle sleeves, swivels, beads, hooks. Three models: with 2,3 and 4 compartments. Strong, reliable hinges and latches. Rounded bottoms make it easy to remove the contents. 4.2" x 3" x 0.9"

Tackle Box, Wacker Complete System

Includes the large, main box plus:

2 Hook Link Boxes (WB2BXR)
1 Two Compartment Box (WB2BX2c)
1 Three Compartment Box (WB2BX3c)
2 Four Compartment Boxes (WB2BX4c)


Tackle Box, Wacker Rig 2-Way

Similar to our regular rig box but double ended so it holds twice as many rigs up to 9" long.

Tackle Box, Wacker Rig

Rig Box 13.6" x 3.6" x 1". Holds 15-20 rigs. Protects the hook points, keeping them sharp, and keeps the hook links straight and tangle-free. Includes pins and two compartments to hold extra hooks and swivels.

Tackle Box, Wacker Main Large

A nicely sized box that will hold all your essential gear.

Outside dimensions are 14.5" x 12.5" x 2.5" including hinges and latches.
Inner compartments are:
13.875" x 3.875" (holds two hook link boxes)
4.5" x 3.25" ( two of these, each holds two small boxes or can be divided)
4.5" x 7.125" (can be divided)
2.5" x 3.25" (two of these, can divided)
2.5" x 7.125" (can be divided).

Eight "Smart" dividers are included.

Transparent, gunsmoke lid with centimeter and inch scales. The strong, reliable locks are easy to open and close.

Weight: lbs

Box, Wacker Compact

A nice sized box, easy to carry but big enough to hild your essential tackle. It has 3 fixed compartments that will hold 2 Wacker Small Boxes each. The front of the box has a long compartment with Smart Dividers.


Approx. 10.25" x 7.625" x 2.375"

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Fishing Butler

I very clever and useful device for hold your rod sections together during storeage and transport. Plus, you can hang the rod from a hook with it.

This is what Eric Sharp, Outdoors Writer for the Detroit Free Press said about it:

"It's another one of those things that makes you wonder, "Why didn't someone come up with this 100 years ago?" The Fishing Butler is a pair of stretch cord loops with a sliding lock used to hold the two pieces of a fishing rod together after it has been taken down.

One loop is at the tip, the other at the handle.

I bought two pairs for $3 each and they're great, beating the heck out of twist ties and rubber bands."


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Box, Plastic 2 Compartment

A very useful little box, good for hooks, swivels or any small parts. Curved bottom for easy removal of contents. Snap top closes securely.

F-Box, 6 Compartment Shallow

 Shallow version of the above box. The grooves on the lid means each compartment is completed segregated so nothing can move during transportation.

F-Box 6 Compartment

Perfect for storing all kinds of rig components such as hooks, swivels and beads.

F-Box Flip Top

Integral box with four individual compartments each with its own flip top lid and designed to fit either large or medium F Boxes. Perfect for separating tiny tackle items such as stainless rig rings, hooks, swivels, beads and kwik change pop up weights.
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Rig Rack, Fox Set of 3

Practical storage system that will take over 50 pre-tied rigs. The set comes with three F Box Rig Racks: 1 Single; 1 x Multi and 1 x Single-Multi. Comes complete with a storage box which houses all the racks and provides a water tight method of transportation.
CBX026 Rig Rack set of 3
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Rig Rack, Fox

Practical, double sided rig storage system with adjustable sliders to hold varying length rigs under light tension. Three racks are available: a single one designed to house 12 rigs, each up to 11.25 inches in length; a multi rack which will take 24 pre-tied hook links up to 8.5 inches in length; and a multi rack which has one multi side and one single side. The Multi have sliders at both ends, the Single have sliders at one end. All models come complete in a plastic storage tube.
FXCBX023 Rig Rack - Single
FXCBX024 Rig Rack - Multi
FXCBX025 Rig Rack - Single/Multi

F-Box Line Dispenser

This Spool Dispenser is designed to fit large or medium F Boxes, Ideal for
re-spooling and neatly storing various hook link materials.

F-Box Rig Board Set

The System Rig Board Box Set has been designed to store a wide selection of
pre-tied rigs in a single, compact unit. The box contains 4 System Rig Boards which neatly stack together and will carry a total of up to 80 pre-tied rigs. It is compact enough to store in an outer luggage compartment, or to carry in a pocket when stalking.

Box plus 4 rig boards.


F-Box Full Compartment Shallow

Shallow full compartment F Box. The shaped outer edges allows the box to be removed from the Medium and Large F Box by pushing down on one edge.

F-Box, Full Compartment

Single compartment box featuring a foam pad that is ideal for safely storing hooks. The foam is removable if required and the box can be used to store packets of hooks and tied rigs along with may other items.

F-Box 2 Compartment Shallow

Shallow version of the 2 Compartment F Box. The smaller design allows three boxes to be stored in the deep compartment of the Large and Medium boxes, as opposed to two of the deeper counterpart.

F-Box 2 Compartment

 Integral box featuring a full length divider which creates two equal, singular sections Ideal for storing baiting accessories such as needles, hairstops and clippers.